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Supplements: Championing What Works

Supplements can include anything from vitamins and minerals, to digestive enzymes, amino acids, and herbals.  They come in the most common forms of tablets, powders, and gelcaps with some offering time release efficiency.  According to a 2015 University of California-Berkeley study, two-thirds of the U.S. population take at least one supplement daily, making the vitamin market profitable if not popular (source).  Which is why it’s important to consider both manufacturing as well as proper regulation and labeling when considering a supplement brand.

Why We Champion Usana Health Sciences

What Our Program Offers

Through partnering with Usana, we are able to offer our members what we believe to be some of the best supplements for your health and fitness regimen.  In addition to supplement and mineral packets, we also offer probiotic, fiber, liver, and bone support formulas for both adolescents and adults.  To take a look at some of these products and to learn more about partnering with Usana to take charge of your health, click here.