Learning to Cook in my Mid-30s

My mom did all the cooking and baking in our house. As a single, divorced mom with two kids she didn’t have much choice. I wandered in to taste test the cookie dough and roll out cookies at Christmas, but usually she was the one who did the cooking. When I left home for college, […]

Liam’s Journey – 1 Year On

A year goes by in a blink. Don’t let anybody fool you by telling you it doesn’t. It depends on your perception how fast that blink was and how much was missed. I remember it all. The big moments, the little moments, the stolen moments. Each one captured by my camera but also banked in my […]

Postpartum Year – Pt. 3: Taking Back Postpartum

 In the postpartum year, a mom experiences many changes to her mind and body. One of the more rarely discussed topics of rethinking the postpartum experience is the spiritual journey a mother goes through from pregnancy into the postpartum years. As a creative and health coach, my goal is to listen to mamas share their stories. One […]

Postpartum Year – Pt. 2: My Story

I went into my pregnancy like many mamas to be. A mix of emotions whirled through me as I contemplated what life was going to be like once my son arrived. For many reasons, my pregnancy ended up being quite challenging even though I was fairly healthy throughout and took steps to make myself feel as good […]