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You deserve the most accurate and up-to-date information on your health. A thorough assessment can illustrate areas in your current lifestyle that need to be addressed. A part of incorporating the mind and spirit into a regimen that works is to be honest, smart, and strategic about areas that need work We’ve provided a free assessment to help you get started.

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Our Personalized Online Health Assessment

The True Health Assessment helps you discern health needs and assist you in making decisions about your goals. Our assessment takes the guess work out of knowing where to start.

Taking the assessment, you will receive:

  • A FREE personalized assessment via email based on your responses
  • The *big picture* outlook for your health as it is currently
  • Recommendations for next steps to guide you towards a sustainable health and fitness regimen

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Our Programs

Our Programs are unlike anything else you are likely to do for yourself and self-care is CRITICAL to improving your health, life and that of your family’s overall health. As I like to say “when mama is happy, everyone’s happy”! The same goes for everyone in your family. When one person is struggling with anxiety, low job satisfaction, financial pressures, add kids to this picture and it can feel like trying to push a broken cart up a mountain. Our coaching program offers you an opportunity to dispel your own limiting beliefs, feel more empowered, find areas where you feel stuck and experience growth.

RESET Weight Management

RESET is the weight management program that we have adopted for our members to follow. Read More

Prenatal & Postnatal Mamas

As a new mother myself, I’ve become very passionate about providing a support group for soon-to-be mothers. Read More

Supplement Your Lifestyle

We take the pain out of finding the most efficient vitamins for optimal health for our members in partnering with Usana in our supplement program. Read More

Personal Health Coaching

The foundation of what we offer through TriCore Health was built on being able to provide our members support through coaching. Read More

The FITpreneur Program

Our FITpreneur program is designed for members ready to take charge of their financial health through clear. Read More.

About Us

TriCore Health empowers people to take control of their lives by providing the highest quality health and nutritional products, lifestyle coaching, and wellness education. We live by the motto: “Transform your mind, feed your body, nourish your spirit.

Our New Happy FamilySteve and I started TriCore Health because we were tired, burned out and frustrated with our lack of progress in meeting health goals. Once we started a family, we knew our health had to be a priority. Teaching our kids to build a strong foundation from the ground up needed to start with a healthy body, mind and spirit as the three pillars to wellness.
We believe in life mastery of the three (3) core components: mind, body, spirit. Each forms a triad that must be in balance to support optimal health. When any is out of balance, it is difficult to stay aligned and focused on goals.
Our system is designed to help transform your mind, body and spirit to encourage positive growth and direction. We are here to help you reach your optimum potential.
Join us on the journey!

Living Our Vision

We started this business because we know how important our health and finances are whether or not you have children. TriCore Health was established to take people out of their comfort zones and teach them what we learned through experience.

TriCore Health exists to help you navigate important life questions such as what your purpose is, are you fulfilling it and how do you reach your potential? We will coach you towards meeting your health and wellness goals.

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Steve and Beth Kudwa
Carol Stream, IL 60188

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